- Our Mission -

Inspire great leaders, and, everybody is a great leader.

Our Services

For Learners: Resourceful courses and certificate.

For Teachers: Ready tools to teach and get paid. 

Our Vision

Enter to every Ethiopians home with quality courses in more than 10 different categories in the next 3 years

Our Essence

At our core, EthioStudy operates with a burning desire, enthusiasm and a big dream. 

Our Promises

We create simple and transparent interaction between our customers (you) and our services. 

Our Story

Online learning is a method of learning from home or anywhere else without a direct interaction between the learners and instructors. 

It is a great way to get the skills or certificates you desire without any space or time limit. It gives you the freedom to take courses of any kind to upgrade your career or chase your dream.

We started EthioStudy, the first Ethiopian online learning platform, because there wasn't a better way to access online courses in Ethiopia. We believe it is time now to allow Ethiopians benefit from it in such a way that they can have a better means of making their lives effective and get quality education of their interest and environment of their interest.

That is why we prepare user-friendly and easy to use online learning platform. Since online payments are not available in Ethiopia, we semi-automated the payment by using CBE Birr, Amole and other local payment methods (in addition to direct bank transfers).

We want to be and we are working to be fully-automated online learning platform and create as many leaders, entrepreneurs and dreamers as we can. 

So, which of our services interested you?

You can take course or you can become a trainer, or both. Or, you can tell us anything you feel about our services here.

Thank you for interested in us.