Career Choice

How To Choose Career To Study In Ethiopia?

Career advice

Whether you’re considering a new job, promotion or you want to improve your existing skills, we’ve got career advice and career choice to study in Ethiopia.

Become a Cyber Security Specialist

Learn about the cyber security training and skills you need, and gain them with online cyber security courses.

Become a Data Scientist

Explore the skills you need to thrive as a data scientist and find courses about data, insights and programming that will help you get started.

Become a Developer

Find out the core skills you need as a developer and get started with programming courses from beginner to more advanced.

Become a Finance Manager

Do you want to help companies manage the finances well? Find out what skills you need to become a finance manager.

Become a Marketing Manager

Do you want to run exciting marketing campaigns? Find out how, and kickstart your marketing career with courses covering the basics and more.

Become a Nutritionist

Whether you’re interested in sports nutrition or public health, find advice and short courses on nutrition to help you grow your skills or start your career.

Become a Project Manager

Find out what skills you need to become a project manager and how to excel in the role.

Become an Entrepreneur

It’s time to make that business plan happen. Get advice on entrepreneurial skills and find online courses from top universities and business schools.

Become an HR Manager

Discover the skills you need to excel in HR and start developing them with a variety of HR courses.

Begin your Film Career

Explore a range of filmmaking specialisms – from screenwriting to production to visual effects.

Caring for Others

Learn how to ensure the best care possible for every patient. Care and nursing courses from leading medical schools, free from EthioStudy.

Get Creative

Explore acting, animation, creative writing, filmmaking, poetry, songwriting or storytelling.

Grow Your Digital Skills with Accenture

Discover free digital skills courses for all levels with Accenture.

Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

Whether you want to improve your own mental health, or help your colleagues, get fresh advice through mental health and mindfulness courses.

Learn New Soft Skills

Learn what ‘soft skills’ are and why you need them. Join a FutureLearn soft skills course.

Teach English

Explore and develop the skills you need to teach English abroad or at home with advice and courses for teachers with a range of experience.

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